NOT SATIRE: Nancy Pelosi Says There is a “Right to Know the Full Impact of this Legislation Before Any Vote”

#RINOcare is leading the news cycle and for good reason. The entire bill is built upon a network of blatant lies and broken promises.

And of course we all have a right to know what impact the bill will have on our lives before congress tries to shove it down our throats. But if there is any individual with the least amount of credibility on such claims it would easily be Nancy Pelosi.

We all remember the infamous proclamation made by Pelosi back when Obamacare was being forced through. “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,” said Pelosi.

That’s her position when she’s in power and doing the shoving. But when it’s Ryan there working to betray America, Pelosi sings a much different tune.

Last week Pelosi wrote a letter to Paul Ryan and it contained a fascinating nugget.

“The American people and Members have a right to know the full impact of this legislation before any vote in Committee or by the whole House,” she wrote. “These are critical questions and I hope that Republicans will honor their responsibility to the American people both before the Committees vote and before the final bill goes to the House floor.”

Wait, what? You mean we should all know what’s in a bill and the impact it will have on our nation before it becomes law?

What a concept.

  • Mary

    She didn’t say that with ObamaCare.

  • Fred Battley

    What a brain dead fucking Cunt !!!!!

  • Ray

    Isn’t this the woman who told the press that the Dems had to implement Obamacare in order to assess it? Who the f*** votes for these people? Seriously guys. You Americans need a new Liberal party. It’s just not fair that all you have opposite the Republicans are these corrupt imbeciles.

  • Ski

    She never makes a comment that makes sense! She is a lib hack!