Unbelievable – Trump Tweets a Call to Fight the Freedom Caucus in 2018 Elections!

Well, for those wondering which side Trump was really on during the disastrous #RINOcare battle, you now have your answer.

Big government, over-regulated, price gouged, government controlled, socialist healthcare is what Trump supports. And if you don’t support the same, you’re not on “the team.”

At least, this is what Trump very much implied this morning in an early tweet taking direct aim at the House Freedom Caucus.

The tweet has many of us very confused. When we heard the pledge to “drain the swamp” we thought a new team was being created. One that would challenge the establishment GOP and its crooked agenda.

But according to this tweet, the crooked establishment team is Trump’s team. And if you oppose this agenda, you’re not with Trump.

Not good folks. Not good at all.

  • richard ruffing

    civil war may be an option in the not too distant future; this is a shot across the bow of the ship that “brung him”