Watch as Disgraced Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Finally Admits She Helped Hillary Cheat in Debates

While Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media did everything possible to distract us from the actual content of the leaked emails we were all exposed to during the campaign, none of them ever actually attempted to dispute whether or not the emails were real. They didn’t like the illegal hacking, of course, and that was the core narrative of their reporting.

But for the rest of us in the real world what we saw is that the DNC and Hillary’s campaign was blatantly cheating when any possibility to do so came about. Especially when it came to the debates.

As you’ll probably recall, some of the emails showed Brazile leaking debate questions to the Hillary camp before the actual debates. This is clearly cheating and gave Hillary an enormous upper hand in preparation.

And while we previously assumed the emails were real since Brazile never tried to have us believe otherwise, we had to operate on that assumption. But now the full truth is revealed.

Brazile is finally openly admitting she and the Hillary camp cheated.


  • USMCM14

    Stupid Cunt they couldn’t even beat Trump by cheating!!! But the real question is just how fucking stupid are the people that voted for her ????????

  • markypolo

    In 30 years of working my own business, I never met an honest Democrat. Retired 15 years early just to escape having to work around them.
    The only good democrat is a dead democrat. Period!

  • Paula Blaylock Collins

    Oh, I see now!! Since she had an agenda, it is OKAY to cheat. Well, that makes it DIFFERENT. Here I was thinking we were supposed to have integrity and honesty for the good of the American people, but now, consider me enlightened.