What is the Deep State?

Earlier today we published a story about the #DeepStateGate story circulating every corner of the media today. Alternative media is referring to the massive, coordinated effort to take down Trump as an effort developed by the “deep state.” The mainstream media, however, will not mention the deep state and they have good reason to ignore it.


Because the mainstream media is, in fact, the Public Relations operation of what we call the deep state.

But what is the deep state? Is it some label concocted by conservative media? Is it something we all casually use with no real meaning behind it?

Not at all. The deep state is very real. And it’s something actually defined by Google’s own definition service.

Here’s how Google definitions defines it.

Deep State: a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.

Google isn’t a conservative blog. Google isn’t right wing media.

How big and influential is this mysterious “body of people” that make up the deep state? Take a look at the following illustration to get a sense of the enormous power held by the deep state.

The deep state includes individuals in powerful positions within entities such as the federal reserve (which is a private entity, not a government agency), the energy complex, the intel agencies, the Pentagon, the United Nations, the left wing non-profit industry, the lobbying complex of K Street, the public education system, the state department, silicon valley and yes… the media.

Try as hard as you may and you cannot possibly fathom how much money and influence is involved in such a network. It’s literally trillions of dollars worth of capital involved. And there are a plethora of regulations or policy changes Donald Trump can make that remove billions of dollars from the equation.

Do you honestly believe powerful individuals within this network are simply going to standby doing nothing while Trump sets up a platform aimed at diminishing the money and power of such a network as a result of what voters want to see happen?

Of course not.

If Trump is true to his word to “drain the swamp,” this means he’s going to spend the next four years causing significant pain (both financially and politically) to a deep state hell bent on protecting its power. And in their minds this cannot be allowed. Even the notion of it cannot be tolerated.

Most Americans don’t realize it but the very existence of the deep state is why our nation is financially bankrupt. The amount of tax dollars flowing into the deep state is staggering.

Remember the wall street bailout known as TARP? TARP was a bailout initially approved to the tune of a whopping $700 BILLION in taxpayer dollars funneled to crooked bankers and wall street entities.

Every year the United States taxpayers are forced to funnel at least $8 BILLION to the corrupt United Nations.

Non-profit “think tanks” receive billions in federal grants for “social justice” research, the study of bigfoot (no joke) and a plethora of other nonsense we can all live without.

Have you seen an Obamacare TV ad on CNN or any other mainstream media TV network? Who do you think pays for that? You do. And who gets all of that money? Mainstream media corporate overlords.

In fact, the federal government spent nearly $700 MILLION in taxpayer dollars “advertising” Obamacare. Who got that $700 million? Those who own the publishing platforms where the ads appeared.

In other words… media.

Trump’s promises establish a reality in which the deep state will lose access to hundreds of billions of dollars that it simply cannot earn without government or taxpayers.

In essence, the deep state is a giant mafia that enriches itself on your money. They feast on the fruits of your labor.

And they will not let this massive, historic theft end without a fight. In fact, in their minds the theft will never end. Because they have billions of your dollars they will use to fight you with. And you’re left struggling to pay the bills while you try and push back against the billions they stole from us.

The deep state is very real. It’s one of the best funded entities the world has ever known. And it’s enormous power cannot be matched.

It influences every aspect of our federal government. It funds the vast majority of our “representatives.” It controls congress through K street, it controls regulations through its vast network of planted regulators and it controls information through a seemingly infinitely funded mainstream media.

When you grasp the vast scale of the deep state it suddenly becomes not only realistic to assume there are a few hundred people in a position to damage Donald Trump’s efforts to cleanse the system, it becomes simple fact.

Understand what the deep state is. Know its agenda and comprehend its tactics. If and when you do you’ll begin viewing every mainstream media story, every media concocted “scandal” and every MSM headline for what it is. Complete and total deep state propaganda.

This is a very dangerous situation, folks. This is treason on a massive, epic and historic scale.

Think the use of the term treason is too harsh for such a large body of individuals? Well, let’s go back to the liberal company Google’s own definition of the word.

Treason: the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

The deep state is currently in a full scale effort designed to overthrow Trump and his administration. Which is, by definition, treasonous.

That is what the deep state is. And it’s a terrifying truth to embrace.

-Eric Odom

  • KJinWTexas

    Thanks for laying this out in a way that ordinary Americans can understand it. Because of its complexity, a few simple moves from Trump could throw it into an eternal tailspin. Will he see the big picture and act accordingly? That’s the question. Looks like it’s time to grab some popcorn.

    • You’re quite welcome and, unfortunately, this still doesn’t even really scratch the surface. It’s a beast… no doubt.

  • Mike Hawkslarge

    Wow – eye opening.
    Thanks for the education!

  • Stephen J. Koach

    When a police forensic investigation proved conclusively that the gay musloid usurper was an identity thief, a felony, and the presstitutes did not report the story that was your first clue. Compromised yellow rinos were either blackmailed or scared of being called racists. Treason is dead serious. God bless Trump and Sheriff Joe

  • Charles K.

    The Deep State is like a rootkit virus in a computer. So many branches scattered everywhere, and hard to pinpoint. In essesnce, this is the New World Order conspiracy, version 2. Scary stuff.

  • George Ferguson

    All sound good so why is Donald Trump hiring the wall street geniuses who have all the knowledge to siphon more money, why is he putting in charge the best people who knows how to feed the deep state with more of what they have too much of? it is the main question the voters are asking, where is the money coming from to build that wall and increase military spending while planning to cut tax on the one with the most money and why is it that the congress want to cut social security when it is something we save our money in without interest. At $1200 per month on social security may I ask where retirees will live and how or what they will eat, if medicare is cut to pay for these thing how will the aged pay for healthcare out of the food dollars they make that is not enough to buy food, many retirees are asking these questions and need answers

  • messup

    Not a conspiracy theory buff, but JFK’s and Robert Kennedy’s dual assassination with scapegoats for both, identified and maligned, were “deep state” actions taken because of both Kennedy’s plans to defund and do away with just one item on this “bucket list” of today’s Deep State…namely FedRes and Treasury (Exchange Stabilization Fund). Both JFK and RK were assassinated for even whispering in closed doors their disdain for these two useless entities (created by Woodrow Wilson and his “merry administration of Trotsky/Marxist/communists”). Everything “Progressive” in 2017 can be traced directly to this most despicable Presidents administration: Planned Parenthood, Suffrage, FedRes, solidifying of Washington DC’s power over States Rights, creation of “corporate USA” and the laundry list of usurpation of original US Constitution is endless. Even the advent of organized communism/socialism with NAZI reunions in NYC’s Madison Square Garden. Yes, definitely agree, the “dark state” is a force to be reckoned with. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV. Psalm 128. It will take conservative Americans 35 years (one generation) to undo all this chicanery.

  • Tom Wilson

    Well, as near as I can tell, the biggest difference between Deep State structures and the vast right wing conspiracy that is now running the White House is that the Deep State is generally accountable at various points in their activity, while the vast right conspiracy is like Trump’s Russian business connections: offshore, opaque to American justice system, and in a mix with organized crime and other unhealthy influences, such as the KKK and patriot militias.

  • seersuckerandapanama

    This Deepstate is becoming manifest, visible to the public, in the targeted leaks from agencies such as the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DHS. Former CIA director John Brennan should be considered a prime Deepstate suspect. The only thing the Deepstate could not handle would be a mass uprising by the American people, though the people would have to be fully informed first. President Trump could lay it out before the public in the manner that this Eric Odom column has done.