BREAKING: The Alabama Governor Just Resigned – Booked in Montgomery County Jail Shortly Thereafter

Robert Bentley is no longer Governor of Alabama. He’s now the disgraced former Governor following his earlier stunning resignation and immediate visit to the Montgomery County Jail.

The resignation took place following a House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing. One that would have likely resulted in the advancement of impeachment articles based on felony level charges related to his alleged cover up of an affair with a staffer.

Bentley’s resignation appears to be part of a plea deal to avoid felony charges. He plead guilty to misdemeanor charges and was promptly booked in the Montgomery County Jail.

Few details are fully known about the charges at the moment, but last week an Alabama Ethics Commission’s “found probable cause to believe” Bentley violated campaign finance and ethics laws. The alleged violations occurred when the former Governor reportedly used State law enforcement officers in an attempt to get audio recordings of sexual remarks to one of his staffers deleted/hidden from public view.

What was said in the recordings is not yet known. But his alleged actions to use state resources to cover up the audio was enough to be damning for Bentley’s standing as Governor.

We’ll provide updates in future reports as more information is released.