BREAKING: China’s National Airline Just Suspended All Flights to North Korea

There are no publicly confirmed U.S. military actions taking place, or planned to take place against North Korea. What is publicly known and what is privately known are two very different things.

What North Korea and China know (or believe they know) appears to have them all a bit spooked. North Korea has started an evacuation of Pyongyang, for example, and now China’s national airlines is suspending all flights to North Korea.

More via Reuters:

China’s national airline, Air China, suspended flights from Beijing to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, from late on Friday, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said.

It did not say why the flights, which operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, were being suspended.

CCTV did not give a source for its news report published on its website and Air China could not immediately be reached for comment after business hours.

The last flight between the two cities took place on Friday, with the return flight to Beijing arriving in the early evening, the broadcaster said.

Senior U.S. intelligence officials are saying that if North Korea triggers a nuke test or full launch, the U.S. military will immediately act. Officials are reporting that two U.S. destroyers carrying tomahawk missiles are in the region and heavy bombers are at the ready in Guam. Last week the Pentagon announced that the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group was being sent to the region.

This would suggest that both China and North Korean officials might believe a nuke test or strike is on the horizon. This considering it’s the only act U.S. officials are saying will provoke immediate and harsh military response.

If there was no realistic threat of nuclear weapons being tested or launched by North Korea, one can assume China would not take the action it currently appears to be taking.

  • Nick Smegg

    Seems like Trump is willing to risk a million casualties in Seoul just to satisfy his ego.

    • Dan

      Seems like Kim is willing to kill millions of South Korean Japanese and his own for psychotic entertainment. Innocent people die in war. A 1st strike may minimize casualties rate. Let’s hope Kim backs down .

      • Nick Smegg

        Trump is provoking this.

        • Dan

          How so. Kim has been threatening the US with Nukes for years. He has developed or about to complete a ICBM . We have been at war with NK sence 1953. There is a ceasefire in place. Kim threatens SK and Japan . Kim has the ability to place a satellite in orbit with a nuclear weapon for EMP strike.. Trumps been in office less than a 100 days Who is doing The provoking. China has told NK they would bomb his Nukes if he crossed there bottom line.. Kim is the provicator.

          • Nick Smegg

            What changed to bring us to the brink of war between the end of March and today? Trump threatened North Korea and sent a carrier strike group into the area. That stuff about Kim’s EMP capability is BS. There’s never been any convincing evidence for it, and if it were true, the US has the capability to take down such a satellite.

            China will not be cooperating in the takedown of North Korea. Too many Chinese would see that as an affront. Besides they do not want US troops on the Amur River and they do not want refugees destabilising the homeland. They are only too aware that Washington would use any victory in Korea to take further action in the South China sea and repeat Trump’s transition time challenge to the one-China policy.

            But North Korea hasn’t invaded anyone in 60 years. what about the American record? Pretty shameful and aggressive. Laos, cambodia, Vietnam, Panama, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya – it’s a fromidable list. The real rogue nation on the planet is the United States.

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  • thomas jefferson

    AMERICA wants NUCLEAR WAR,china and russia will give it to them,When its over,america will have been wipped off the map,ITS better to be burned alive then mind your own business,and have the surviving public taken as slaves to foreign countries,this is americas mindset….

    • theGOONIES


    • Ken B.

      Wow and your a Jefferson? I doubt it!!

    • Dan

      Americans do not want nuclear war. There a political and elists klan who would have a nuclear war to achieve there goals. There would be world wide economic collapse if a nuclear strike occurred.the US would suffer greatly from a EMP strike fallout from multiple Nukes would cause a nuclear winter where all would suffer.

  • Sandra

    immediate and harsh military response.