EXCLUSIVE: Paul Ryan About to Activate John Boehner’s Swamp to Pass Massive Liberal Spending Bill… This is What You Need to Know RIGHT NOW

UPDATE: A couple other media outlets are beginning to cover this since we first published it on Monday, April 12th. It’s important that this gets out so please share it far and wide!

Paul Ryan may be planning to completely betray the Republican base yet again. This time on a continuing resolution that once again kicks the fiscal can down the road and does ZERO to address the plethora of problems we face as a nation.

Worse, Paul Ryan may be planning to use the exact same tactic of betrayal used by Boehner when he joined with Pelosi/Obama to pass the debt ceiling disaster right before leaving office.

But to understand what may be about to happen, we first have to look back and remind ourselves of what just happened.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s complete failure to even attempt an actual repeal of Obamacare is still fresh on a lot of minds. Especially the minds of Americans in places like Knoxville, Tennessee where there will soon be literally ZERO insurance options when the last provider available pulls out, leaving some 40,000 in the dark. In that one town alone.

As we all now know, Paul Ryan worked with insurance companies to craft a bill that amended Obamacare, favored the companies and did virtually nothing to bring down healthcare costs. And he had the audacity to try and convince us all that is what was promised during campaign season.

While the bulk of the blame for Paul Ryan’s historic failure remains on the shoulders of Paul Ryan himself, two groups of Republicans can be credited for helping stop the terrible amendment dead in its tracks. The House Freedom Caucus and the Tuesday Group.

The Freedom Caucus stood against Ryancare because the amendment didn’t actually repeal Obamacare, didn’t remove mandates and didn’t bring down the cost of healthcare. The Tuesday Group, on the other hand, didn’t think the bill was liberal enough. What the Tuesday Group wanted was to ensure that millions of Americans who only have insurance thanks to the high cost of insurance for those who actually pay for it, but don’t need it (AKA… Socialist Government Healthcare), didn’t lose the taxpayer subsidized plans.

So one group wanted limited government, one group wanted expanded government. Neither group got what they wanted and the amendment died before a vote could take place. But is it true neither group got what they wanted? Is it even true Paul Ryan actually wanted his amendment to pass?

The end result, after all, is that Obamacare remains in place and Paul Ryan doesn’t have to deal with angry townhalls of people upset they can no longer get “free” healthcare.

But let’s get back to the budget battle that will soon unfold before our eyes. It should be wildly concerning to those who voted for Trump that all indications are that Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi are about to pass a stopgap funding measure designed for speed and ability to avoid a “government shutdown” fight on the hill.

The Washington Post reports: (Please note the Washington Post is known for fake news and should be considered questionable)

The spending measure expires April 28 — just four days after lawmakers return from their Easter break.

House Republicans are bitterly divided and aimless after the collapse of a plan by House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) to rewrite the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Still angry over that grueling battle, the right wing of Ryan’s caucus is not expected to support a measure to keep the government open past the April deadline, though that is far from settled.

So Ryan has turned for help to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Last week, Pelosi said lawmakers from both parties were working well together to craft a stopgap spending measure. But she predicted that the measure’s fate would ultimately be in Trump’s hands.

Trump, for example, could refuse to sign a funding measure that doesn’t include money to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Such funding is a non-starter with Democrats, as are any other policy changes that could be construed as a win for the president.

“Members of Congress know what they can pass. Maybe the White House doesn’t,” Pelosi said. “And that’s — that line of communication is where you might see some — more difference of opinion than even between Democrats and Republicans in the Congress.”

Bold emphasis mine.

From this we can gather that Ryan knows full well he isn’t going to get any help or support from the Freedom Caucus. Ryan’s stopgap funding measure will then have to meet all requirements laid out by moderate/liberal Republicans and Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats.

In other words, more campaign promises will be ignored, government will not be scaled back, the border wall will not be funded and Paul Ryan will continue big government as usual.

That much shouldn’t surprise us. Nor should the idea that Ryan will need Democrat cover to get the betrayal done. But where is Ryan going to make up for the huge loss of Republican votes that will occur if the Freedom Caucus gets sidelined?

The Tuesday Group.

So who exactly is this mysterious group? Why are there no full lists of members online? Why do we only know of 6 or 7 members when multiple media reports suggest there are around 50 active members?

Well, as is often the case… all we need to do is follow the money. And in this case, we only need to follow the political contributions coming straight out of the Tuesday Group PAC.

$521,139 worth of contributions, to be exact. And it just so happens there are, wait for it, 52 House GOP recipients of this campaign cash. (Note: Some of these members are no longer in Congress)

Note the asterisks by many of these names. This is VERY relevant and we’ll come back to that.

Where is all of this money coming from? If you guessed anti-Trumpers like billionaire Paul Singer, liberal Google Execs like Urs Hoelzle, mega-lobbyist Kimberly Richard, John Podesta’s lobbying firm Podesta Group (Yes, THAT John Podesta) and many others of similar ilk… you would be correct.

The Tuesday Group isn’t just a group feeding the very swamp Trump claims he wants drained. The Tuesday Group appears to be bought and paid for by the swamp itself.

And the Tuesday Group, along with a few of Pelosi’s strongest allies, is all Paul Ryan will need to shove through a stopgap funding measure here in a few weeks.

While the rest of us, once again, get completely screwed.

A few paragraphs up I mentioned the asterisks by many of the names on the list of Tuesday Group Republicans. There are 38 total with asterisk next to them. These are the Republicans who joined in with the 79 Republicans John Boehner needed to push through his terrible parting gift of a debt ceiling hike with Obama/Pelosi right before he left office.

In other words, the Tuesday Group is essentially the liberal Republicans Boehner used to get his way with the massive spending bill back in 2015. Through Boehner’s alliance with Obama and Pelosi, spending increased by $50 billion in 2016 with another $30 billion increased this year.

Yes, liberal money bankrolled the Tuesday Group back then and also bankrolls it now.

And Paul Ryan is about to utilize this weapon against us in the exact same way Boehner did back then. Watch closely, folks. Ryan’s coziness with Pelosi and talk of no upcoming fight on a stopgap measure likely means conservatives will not get a seat at the Ryan/Pelosi big government spending table.

The swamp is alive and well.