#HelpfulCops: Minnesota Police Troll Stoners on ‘4/20,’ Seek to Raise Awareness on Substance Abuse

As stoners across the nation prepared to celebrate the unofficial pot-smoking holiday Tuesday known as 4/20, a small town Minnesota police department decided to jump in and have some fun of their very own… Trolling marijuana smokers with humorous tweets about undercover operations and ‘discreet traps‘ that they had set throughout their duty area.

Tweeting under the social media hashtag ‘Helpful Cops’ and ‘Happy420,’ the Wyoming, Minn., police department aimed to engage the community in a creative way while raising awareness on a very real issue, substance abuse.

From offering to help in the event that local drug dealers ran out of product for 4/20 festivities to warning of ‘discreet’ stoner traps they had planted throughout the town, the police department had twitter rolling… in laughter.

Video games, chips and soda… Pure genius.

The response to this clever tweet was overwhelmingly positive…

Placing all joking aside, the Wyoming, Minn., police department also explained while substance abuse is not a laughing matter, they chose to use ‘tongue in cheek humor‘ to bring attention to the very real issue, adding there is help out there for those in need.

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