Here Are the Top 10 Hilarious Meme Responses to United Airlines Dragging Customer Out of Seat (10 PICS)

What happened in Chicago yesterday wasn’t funny in and of itself. United Airlines, the security and any staff involved should be ashamed of themselves.

But a day later the internet has exploded with responses. And yes, many of those are indeed pretty funny. If anything, they help draw attention to what United and security did.


#1: First Rule of United Economy is… Never Talk About What Happens in United Economy

#2: New United Airlines Customer Service Uniforms

#3: New Southwest Airlines Slogan

#4: United Airlines Staff Training Video

#5: Words Have Meaning

#6: Ask Your Doctor About Taking United Airlines

#7: New In-Flight Deals & Offers

#8: New United Airlines Employee Manual

#9: New United In-Flight Meal Offer

#10: United Airlines Public Relations Team


  • ShantiGirl

    Lloyd Bridges . . . “I picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue.” LOL!! Classic.

  • Fonz

    #8 was the best

  • Dr. Hard – Gynocologist

    I like number 2, but who can deny Lloyd Bridges…..classic

  • Draco Morrison
  • Robert LaRochelle
  • topeka754

    Here at united, when we can’t beat the competition, we beat our customers.

  • Armand

    The Rocky Balboa one was pretty funny too.

  • Daniel Gregory
  • Ron Arnold
  • sandraleesmith46

    The SICK part of this is that UNITED is being blamed for an uncooperative passenger and the actions of the AIRPORT security staff! The practice of overbooking that began way back in the ’50s, arising out of inconsiderate passenger behaviors (extra booking multiple flights and not cancelling, just not showing up, which cost the lines massively), has been going on ever since. When a problem arises, as it occasionally does, passengers are asked to volunteer, but if none do, with incentives, then it’s usually last booked, first off, not simply “random” selections, as suggested. and it will ALWAYS be just before flight time, because that’s when the problem becomes known to the line; since prior to that there is NO way for them to know who or how many will show for that flight! Boarding begins 15-30 minutes prior to flight time, depending on the size of the plane, for obvious reasons. So boarding order has NOTHING to do with who will be selected. However, those traveling on bereavement fares are not selected for bumping. The “entitlement” mentality that has arisen among people these days underlies this whole mess, but the ones to blame are the passenger who refused to cooperate and the security personnel who are NOT airline employees, NOT United, itself, in this instance!

    • badluckbill

      NO! United Airlines is being held responsible for their incompetent decisions.. No passenger in their right mind would ever purchase a ticket from United Airlines knowing that they could be kicked (er, dragged) off the plane anytime just because an employee needed their (already paid for) seat. United Airlines has made that policy clearly evident. This plane was NOT overbooked. United Airlines should have either booked their employees on another flight (United Airlines or a competitor’s) or rented a car for their employees. With policies such as this, United Airlines will be gone by the end of the year. Good riddance! Never bite the hand who feeds you! Sandraleesmith, you are too quick to blame the “entitlement” mentality that exists in the public at large today, but ignore the arrogant mentality at United Airlines that believes they can literally BEAT their customers without consequences. United Airlines has just received a rude awaking after ignoring the needs of their customers. Their arrogance and incompetence will send their customers to their competitors.

      • sandraleesmith46

        They’ve been doing so since the early ’50s; why would they suddenly stop now? That practice is NOT new; and it was this 1 person, who behaved badly, like a thwarted 2 year old, not the airline. Further the security personnel were not United employees, but airport personnel!

        • badluckbill

          Sandra Lee, you are to be commended for convincing everyone that you are a shill for United Airlines. Beyond that, you haven’t convinced anyone that anything done by United Airlines in this matter was correct, unless, of course, United Airlines was trying to commit harikari! Decisions made by United Airlines, NOT security personnel, turned this routine flight into a P. R. disaster. Forcefully removing a paid passenger was not the fault of the passenger, but decision makers of United Airlines who provoked him. His behavior was a reaction to unfair and unprofessional tactics.
          United was unable to cover-up the beating because of video taken by other passengers. United will settle the suit out of court and keep the huge settlement amount secret. However, the company may never recover from the incompetence and arrogance polluting the employees of United Airlines, including you. Should the airline fail, I am sure you will be able to secure a job at either a woman’s prison or the DMV.

          • badluckbill

            I’m sorry! I apologize for besmirching employees of the DMV and prison personnel. Again, I am sorry!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Wow, you couldn’t possibly be MORE wrong if you TRIED!

    • timdnml .

      Let me put this in terms you might understand: It’s like the game musical chairs. You know, we learned the rules when we were 5 or 6 years old. If you’re in the seat when the music stops, you win. If you aren’t, you lose. The principal can’t drag you out of your seat and beat you up so that teacher’s pet can sit there. Get it now?

      • sandraleesmith46

        Sorry; doesn’t work that way on an airplane. The owner CAN legally take you off his private property.

        • timdnml .

          Legal ≠ right. Used to be legal to own slaves. Doesn’t mean it was ever right. Now I’ll let you go back to being a United shill, I’m sure you’re busy.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Sorry; United was never my favorite airline; but what they did was NOT wrong; and I hate seeing them excoriated for a decades old practice forced on all the airlines by inconsiderate passengers!

  • Isaac Dozier

    United Airlines Eager Employee