‘He’s Not Stopping’: Cellphone Video Captures Horrifying Scene as Semi Drags Car Along Interstate

Motorist Brian Steimke of Hesperia California caught a horrific incident on video as he witnessed a semi-truck dragging another vehicle for at least “4 miles” on California’s Interstate 15 going up the ‘Cajon Pass‘ into the High Desert area.

According to reports, Steimke began recording on his cellphone as he noticed a severely damaged Nissan Maxima with the vehicle’s shocked driver frantically attempting to alert the operator of semi that he was being dragged along side of the large trailer.

As the video captures, Steimke and the driver of another vehicle were successfully able to stop the semi and upon confrontation, truck’s operator claimed that he was unaware a collision had occurred.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the Maxima’s driver was miraculously unharmed during the frightening incident.

Watch below: