I’m Confused… Trump Already Put Out a Tax Plan During Campaign, So Why Put Out a New One Later This Week?

While I’m generally no fan of a progressive tax plan, Donald Trump’s 2016 Tax Reform Plan released during the campaign was one I could get behind. This because it took a knife to our horrendous tax structure and brought down taxes across the board. We all win. Not just the rich and the poor.

I’m going to post the plan below in full so you can remind yourself of how great, how YUGE the plan was/is. But first I have to ask… what happened to that plan? Why is Trump looking to release a new plan this week? Why not just publish the same plan he campaigned on?

Via WashPo.

Top Trump administration officials are giving out differing accounts of a tax plan that the president has promised will be released Wednesday, calling into question whether they have ironed out some of the most difficult components of any proposal.

Among the major decisions President Trump and his party face on taxes is whether to go for a short-term tax cut that keeps much of the existing tax code intact but reduces rates or whether to go for a more fundamental shift that makes long-term changes to how the government collects revenue. Putting in place long-term changes to the tax code would give businesses certainty to help guide their investment decisions, but these sorts of changes to the tax code are much more difficult politically, as they would require bipartisan support.

On Saturday, administration officials offered confusing signals on which route Trump would pursue.

Wait, what? Confusing signals on which route Trump will pursue? Yeah that certainly creates a lot of confusion. This because Trump already told us which route he would pursue.

Here it is in full.

Can’t we just stick with what we were promised? Isn’t that what we all voted for?


  • Dan Knight

    Duh. The GOPe is in full treason mode: Have you not noticed? Instead of lining up behind the President’s agenda and his campaign promises, the GOPe has chosen to do everything within its power to save the Demokkkrats’ agenda.