It’s Official – The Longest Domino Line Record has Been Broken (VIDEO)

When we were kids we were fascinated with dominoes. Not because we were good at math and thought we could outscore opponents, but because we could build lines and watch them all fall before our eyes.

Heck, many of us got actual domino line sets for birthdays and Christmas. Sets designed for no other purpose outside of domino lines.

Remember domino rally?

They still sell them, but now they’re more focused on toys involved and less on the dominos themselves. Back then, though, these things were awesome! We didn’t need iPhones or game apps. All we needed was a box full of multi-colored plastic rectangles and we would have weeks of entertainment on our hands.

Anyway, some folks take domino lines to a whole new level. Record breaking levels. And the video below shows the line that now holds the new record for longest domino line.