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Judge Napolitano Slams United, States Victim ‘Absolutely’ has Cause for Lawsuit Against Airline and CHICAGO PD! (Video)

Following highly disturbing video surfacing of a United Airlines passenger being violently removed off of a flight from Chicago O’Hare International headed to Lousiville against his will, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has weighed in and United is not going to like what he has to say.

Making it clear from the very beginning that what happened to passenger David Dao was not only wrong, but a violation of United’s own contractual obligation, Napolitano slammed both the airline and the Chicago Police Department for violating Dao’s rights and causing ‘public humiliation.’

Explaining that this was not simply a case in which United had accidentally over-sold a flight and a passenger refused to leave when asked, but instead that there are two very important factors in play regarding the case:

United’s civil obligations to its passengers and the actions of the law enforcement responding to a non-criminal complaint.

“He bought the ticket, he passed the TSA, he was in his seat, he has every right to stay there.” Napolitano stated bluntly, adding that the police had no grounds for forcibly removed Dao simply because United asked them to.

“If the reason for their call is not a crime, they should leave.” He stated in regards to law enforcement.

Watch Judge Napolitano weigh in below:

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