MSNBC Hosts Lose Their Minds on Air Because Trump Called Paris Terrorist Attack a Terrorist Attack (VIDEO)

We live in amazing times. Amazing because the very media that often complains they have too little control over the ability to report the news to the public refuses to report the news to the public.

Yesterday’s terrorist attack was, in fact, a terrorist attack. It was almost immediately known as such locally in Paris, ISIS quickly took credit, details were not delayed and the vast majority of individuals capable of thinking for themselves knew what it was.

The only people who apparently couldn’t come to grips with the facts are the hosts who were running the MSNBC reporting at the time of the breaking news. Instead of reporting on the terrorist attack itself, they felt it more important to try and discredit President Trump for calling it a terror attack.

No joke. And they wonder why the public no longer trusts them when it comes to news?

  • thetnrebel

    MSNBC never allow an fact to get in their way of bias coverage