Oklahoma GOP Congressman Experiences Teachable Moment When he Lashes Out at Angry Taxpayers During Townhall (VIDEO)

If there were a book called “How to Avoid Pissing Off Voters for Dummies,” Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin would most certainly have a section dedicated to his stupidy displayed during a recent townhall. This because Mullin made it clear he holdsĀ contempt for his constituents, even those he aligns with.

You see, each “representative” receives $174,000 plus benefits every year. That’s $14,500 a month. For some members this may not be a lot of money, but for most Americans it is. It’s a very large salary for most of each rep’s constituents.

And yes, this salary for “public service” is paid for by taxpayer dollars. There is no other way to slice it. It is what it is.

Mullin recently held a townhall event and angry voters suggested he listen to their concerns because hey, they pay his salary. A statement Mullin didn’t like and didn’t hold back on.

Mullin fired back saying that claim is bullcrap. This because he has had several businesses that pay taxes and he has paid enough taxes to cover his salary.

The absurdity of such a claim is obvious. Thanks to people like Mullin the vast majority of his taxes were likely spentĀ on wars and social welfare. Nonsense government programs and federal government waste. The idea that his taxes should all be credited to his “public service” salary is laughable.

Furthermore, what Mullin is suggesting is that because he believes he pays his own way he doesn’t have to answer to anyone else. In other words, he believes he only has to represent himself.

This coming from a guy who pledged to self term limit himself after three terms, but is now preparing to run for a fourth.

Here’s the video for anyone who cares (below). And here’s his Facebook page if you want to skim through the countless comments of outrage over this stupidity.

Oh and by the way, this guy’s liberty score is a D at 61%. So much for “representation.”