Political Rhetoric Hits as New Low as Democrats Launch Republicans ‘Don’t Give a Sh*t’ Campaign

As the Democrat Party continues to struggle with the disastrous defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, the DNC has now launched a vulgar new campaign in an effort to rebrand itself… One based on the assertion that Republicans don’t give a sh*t about voters.

The new battle cry was dropped Monday as the DNC chairman blasted the GOP while attempting to revive the Democrat base by mirroring the same anger that resulted in the election of Trump. As a result the DNC has launched a new line of t-shirts reading ‘Democrats give a sh*t about people.’

No joke…

Throwing all civility aside, the Democrats are now resorting to profanity-laced speeches and t-shirts to elicit an emotional response from their voter base instead of simply accept the reality that American voters are tired their s… stuff.

View the new DNC shirt below:

Via FoxNews

“Republican leaders and President Trump don’t give a sh-t about the people they were trying to hurt,” Perez, an Obama administration labor secretary, said Monday in Maine about the GOP’s plan to replace ObamaCare, known formally as the Affordable Care Act.

“I totally get what Perez is doing,” Jennifer Victor, a politics professor at Virginia’s George Mason University, said Wednesday. “His job is to energize the base with anger or whatever else it might take because Democrats are the down-and-out party. And he’s not facing the strategic dilemma of, say, a senator who might compromise every once in a while. But it’s definitely not civil.”

Rob Carter, a member of the Maryland Republican Party, said electing the former local Maryland official to lead the beleaguered DNC still marked a “seismic shift to the left” that ignored Democrats’ pleas to appeal more to middle America.

“Talk about not understanding your voters, the selection of Tom Perez was ironic at best,” he said.

For decades, Democrats and Republicans have called for more civility in politics, with little success as they point fingers and attempt to claim the higher ground.

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