Think North Korea Would Be Easy to Defeat in War? Not So Fast! Here’s Why. (Hint: It’s Ugly)

I work in conservative social circles. Conservative social environments that my libertarian streak sometimes puts me at odds with on a small range of important positions.

For example, I do not support war with North Korea or Syria. No, I’m not an isolationist. Not at all. If one of those two nations were to fire directly at the United States I say we convert their lands to glass. But until then, or until there is absolute evidence that is what they intend to do, count me out in support of war.

In Syria we would instantly be at war with Putin/Russia. While the media and politicians won’t say it… I will. Putin is never going to let the U.S. control natural gas pipelines through Syria into Turkey and Eastern Europe. Not without a major fight. And let’s not kid ourselves… that’s what it’s all about.

Syria itself is no challenge. Syria, Iran and Russia allied in a single location? Brace for impact.

Now on the North Korea front I’m shocked at how many conservatives believe we would just roll right over them without much of a fight. Really? Do you honestly believe that a dictatorship where millions upon millions of people are brainwashed and believe it is their duty to fight will just fold after a few bombs drop from the sky?

Not only would war with North Korea be extremely challenging, it may not even be winnable at all. Unless, of course, the U.S. were to just decimate the nation with nuclear weapons. But that isn’t likely.

Tyler Durden has a good summary of what we would face and I recommend you read it all.

The following are the key points made in the post.

North Korean Air Defense

The North Koreans spent the better part of the last war with the U.S. being heavily battered by air bombardments. They have had plenty of time since then to consider this problem and prepare. Even the most gung-ho American military minds are forced to admit that using only air based attacks in North Korea is not practical. And where we have been spoiled by steady video streams of laser guided hell dropped on Iraqi and Afghani targets in the past, don’t expect things to go so easily in North Korea.

While North Korea is still rife with economic problems (like every other communist and socialist nation), they still have an industrial base and produce many of their own arms. This includes and extensive missile net backed by a maze of radar systems. Their air force is by all accounts obsolete, but as I have mentioned in the past, advanced missile defense is the wave of the future. It’s cheaper and can render expensive enemy air force and naval units impotent.

North Korea uses an indigenous built surface-to-air missile (SAM) system called the KN-06 which is as capable as some Russian SAM systems. They also field huge numbers of MANPAD (man-portable air defense) units against planes and helicopters attempting to dodge radar defenses at low altitudes. This is layered on top of a vast array of anti-aircraft artillery. And, most of this anti-air apparatus is either mobile or based underground.

What this means is, a ground invasion is the ONLY way to attack North Korea effectively and make room for air units to strike interior targets.

Underground Facilities

The Pentagon estimates at least 6,000 to 8,000 underground military facilities in North Korea. New bases are being discovered all the time.  While “bunker buster” bombs can possibly damage these facilities, it is unlikely that they would be completely destroyed or rendered ineffective. There is also an estimated 84 large tunnels through mountains on the southern border which would allow an immediate invasion by North Korean ground forces into South Korea. Only four of these tunnels exits have been found and blocked by South Korea.

It is important to remember that underground infrastructure has always been the bane of the modern western military. These facilities will not be taken by air. They will have to be taken the hard way — with ground troops.

North Korean Infantry

In 2013 the Department of Defense reported North Korean ground forces at around 950,000. This, of course, does not count their nearly 8 million infantry reserves. They also boast over 200,000 highly trained paramilitary soldiers. North Korea has no means whatsoever to project these forces overseas against the U.S. or anyone else other than South Korea. The only way they can do damage to U.S. forces is if we show up on their doorstep.

Since a ground invasion is the only way to proceed with what will obviously be “regime change” in North Korea, U.S. forces will be facing an endless mire of mountain warfare worse than Afghanistan with limited air support options. If it comes down to a war of attrition rather than superior technology, victory will be impossible in North Korea.

The Nuclear Option

The consensus view among military analysts is that North Korea will never attempt to use nukes offensively because the resulting retaliation by the U.S. would be devastating.  But you often do not hear much discussion about NK using nukes defensively, and what that would mean for an invading army.

I agree that though the mainstream media is bombarding us constantly with images of a psychotic dictatorship, North Korea is not insane enough to use nukes against the U.S. or its allies outright. If such an event did occur, I would immediately suspect the possibility of a false flag because there would be zero gain for North Korea. That said, in the event of a ground invasion into North Korea, the use of nuclear weapons becomes highly advantageous for Pyongyang.

Consider this, with vast numbers of U.S. ground forces operating in the region, nuclear retaliation by the U.S. is simply not going to happen.  A pullout of most troops would have to take place. North Korea needs only one nuke strike to destroy a U.S. fleet or hit a large civilian target in South Korea killing potential millions or hit a U.S. troop base in South Korea killing tens of thousands of American soldiers.

Once we commit ground troops into the region, we make a nuclear attack USEFUL to North Korea, when it never would have been useful before. This is why the preemptive strike rhetoric based on a rational of stopping a “more nuclear capable” North Korea is either pure stupidity or an engineered crisis in the making.

Our media only shows us the chubby, crazy dictator parading around in propaganda videos. All designed to make us believe he’s a cranky nut with a stick to swing. Can that stick hit us here at home? Maybe, maybe not. But that stick is much bigger than most believe. And it will absolutely hit us hard if he swings it at us while we’re in his yard.

Food for thought, folks. Now back to banging the war drums…

  • thetnrebel

    the people in South Korea will pay a hug price for a war. they ( North ) has thousands of long rage guns that can shell South Korea capital. We have 25,000 men on the DMZ they will have the crap blow out of them. But we can stand off and send missiles and bomb the crap out of the north..

    • Nahalban

      If you haven’t seen S.Korea’s prep for NK coming down it is impressive.Plus the ROKA and the ROK Marines are nothing to be sneezed at.

  • Mark Whelan

    First the US is not going to go to war with the N. Koreans. There is no need to invade their territory. The N. Koreans only have 25 million people give or take. their GDP is about the same as 50% of Walgreens or Kroger Food Chain. 1/2 their population is starving at anyone time and they have next to no capability besides questionable missiles to take the fight elsewhere. Unmanned cruise missiles fired by ship and/or B-52 bombers could destroy their manufacturing and food capabilities in days. Talk of their invading S. Korea is nonsense. Their attack coming from underground tunnels would be identified, targeted and destroyed in a matter of hours through artillery from the South, cruise missiles and attack aircraft. The problem is N. Korea’s crazy dictator launching a missile attack on Japan and/or S. Korea without provocation as a first strike. Even if they were defeated in days, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians could be killed, if even one nuclear weapon made it across their borders, which is why they are a problem. A problem by the way created by Bill Clinton and encouraged by Obama.

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  • ZombieReady

    I think we have gotten China’s attention. The Chinese need to take out the little fat boy and install a puppet of their own that they can deal with. China will , however, never allow the two Koreas to unite under the leadership of the south, commie don’t do that. North Korea should basically become part of China. North Korea is the worlds largest cult country, which makes them very dangerous. But many in the military despise the leader, but are too afraid to do anything, as many have been killed for simply looking at him wrong. Regime change, directed by China is the best option.