TRUMP UNLEASHED: Says Hillary Clinton Was ‘Guilty of Every Charge’ (VIDEO)

Many of President Trump’s biggest supporters haven’t been thrilled with the way he seems to have let Clinton get away with a lot of the legal trouble she was in towards the end of the 2016 campaign. During the campaign, I’ll remind you, Trump essentially said that if he was President Hillary Clinton would be in jail.

What Trump said before the election vs. what he said following inauguration are two very different things. Of course, this could simply be a matter of priorities. Trump is still a new President, after all, and his list of things to get done is vast.

But while Trump has previously remained silent on Clinton, that all just changed with a huge proclamation on Fox Business this morning. In the interview Trump blatantly claimed that Clinton was “guilty of every charge” read out by FBI Director Comey in 2016.

“When he was reading those charges, she was guilty of every charge, and then he said she was essentially OK.”

Will this translate into further action on Clinton investigations? Only time will tell. But it’s now certain that Trump doesn’t believe she is innocent.

Full segment below.

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