Trump Wasn’t Kidding When, During the Campaign, he Suggested “We Will be Respected Again, We Will Be Feared Again”

As our good friend Ken Crow notes in his column today, a paraphrased closing statement from then candidate Donald Trump says it all.

“We will be respected again, we will be feared again, and we will Make America Great Again.”

Indeed, Donald Trump has just proven that when he says don’t cross a line he means it.

Ken Crow’s column about Trump’s move against Syria last night is a must read. Click here to read it in full.

Below is a list of points Ken makes on the message Trump just sent.

  1. Bashar Assad, if you want to live past tomorrow, do not ever use chemical or WMD weapons in the future.
  2. Hey, Democrats; if Trump were actually in bed with Russia (who is Syria’s closest ally), he would not have just attacked Russia’s ally and sent 59 missiles in to take out their Air Force. Get over the notion that Donald Trump had some sort of secret conspiracy going on.
  3. Hey Kim Jong Un of North Korea, are you paying attention?
  4. Hey, China; Donald Trump say’s what he means and means what he say’s. Unless you want to witness, the same thing happen on the Korean Peninsula, put a leash on the wild-child.
  5. Hey, Russia; While we want to get along with you and don’t personally have many issues with you, we are back, don’t mess with us and let’s get together for a cold beer soon. But know this, we will not put up with too much of your bull-crap that you’re known for.
  6. As for the rest of the world, “The United States (aka; Big Dog on the Block) is back.” The weak and feckless United States under Barack Obama is finished. America has a new Sheriff. We don’t spend 6-months begging the United Nations to drop a hand-grenade in the middle of the desert. We witness, evaluate, then take action and you might not like it much if you’re the jerks using WMD’s on innocent civilians. Play if you must, but play fair and do not cross the Eagle, you might just get the same treatment Assad just got or maybe much worse.

Indeed, this attack on the Syrian airbase was not just a move to deal significant damage to Assad’s ability to harm his own people… it was a message to the world.

Do not cross the United States unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences. A sentiment lost on the world for eight years during Obama’s cowardly reign.

  • Col C

    It’s hard to make these decisions, so we need to pray for our leaders, and the only way America can be great again, is if America is good, if we continue down the path of sexual immorality that we are on, and don’t stop killing our own innocent babies, the most innocent of all, those in the womb, then we are not great, and we are not good. Let us pray that Trump will go after Planned Butcherhood, who kills 900 babies a day, with the same vigor he has gone after Syria.

  • Georgie

    It is good the US Navy just took out the offending planes dropping the Internationally Outlawed poison gas bombs. I Pray that it will turn out for PEACE and a settling of the problem.

  • v steve

    So much for America first. Should have let Israel deal with Syria.

  • dporteraustin