The eight years of Obama’s fake “red lines” that, when crossed presented zero consequences, are over. President Donald Trump just days ago warned lines have been crossed and there would be response.

He wasn’t bluffing.

Last night the United States fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at an air base in Syria. The attack, according to reports, completely devastated the al-Shayrat military airfield. This in response to Syrian President Assad’s chemical attack against anti-Assad rebels that ended up doing significant damage to his own innocent citizens.

It’s a military move that is sending shockwaves across the world. The Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military in the world has now made it clear that, without hesitation, he will utilize any military force he deems necessary in response to any threat anywhere in the world.

What makes the Syria attack so prominent is that a missile attack against Assad is also one against Iran and Russia. Both Iran and Russia are backing forces fighting “rebels” in Syria, and Russia itself is arguably the single largest ally the Syrian President currently has.

Russian President Putin almost immediately responded, saying the attack was an ‘illegal act of aggression.’ The Russian government is making it clear they view the attack as one provoking their own military into confrontation. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.

Indeed, it’s not clear if Putin is bold enough to directly engage the United States militarily. What is clear, on the other hand, is that Trump isn’t afraid of Putin.

Putin has taken a strong stance with Assad for years. It was never a secret that Putin viewed an attack on Assad as an indirect attack on Russia. Trump knows this, we know it and the word knows it. But it in no way brought hesitation into Trump’s decision to decimate the Syrian airbase last night.

Whether or not Trump had constitutional authority to launch the attack is up for debate. The justification appears to be that because the United States has troops in the region, Assad’s use of chemical weapons places them in direct harm. Under this explanation Assad is theoretically using military tactics that can very well harm or kill Americans.

Also up for debate is whether or not the United States should again take on the role of world police. Americans are tired of war and Trump’s move is likely to spark far more of it.

It should also be noted that Trump has delivered a strong message to North Korea. Both before and through the attack on Syria’s airbase. A North Korea that, unfortunately, has China as its strongest ally.

So yes, it could be the case that we’re now slowly becoming entangled in war conflict with both Russia and China. That is, if this all escalates any further.

In any event, Trump has shown that when he says there is a line that, if crossed, will result in harsh consequences… he isn’t bluffing. And that should give leaders across the world much to ponder.

What say you?


  • sportymom5

    Whether or not it’s Constitutional is a “yuge” question that demands an answer. While I support Donald Trump in theory, only with congressional approval can we Constitutionally engage in a military act of aggression. There does not appear to be a strategy which is also of great concern. Will this put our Syrian based troops in harm’s way? Is Assad responsible for the horrific attack on innocent civilians or was it initiated by ISIS? We should not blindly follow any leader – the Constitution and the Bible are the plumb lines by which we measure our actions and those of our elected leaders.

    • Col C

      We have no way of knowing exactly what happened, we can only pray that Trump is acting on the truth of the reports, there is no way we can know all of the intel, but you can know that there is a strategy. This is Trump we are talking about, he is a business man and has been all his life, I’m sure there is a strategy, I just pray it is the right strategy, and that he is asking God for guidance. I agree with you, though, we should not follow any leader blindly.

  • Danmo43

    Only cowards and bullies bluff. Real men say what they mean and mean what they say. You must be willing to back your words. Something our last Whitehouse resident didn’t understand nor have the backbone for.

    • mousekiller

      Being a muslim him self he was not going to take action against any other rmuslim, terrorist or not. He was nothing but a practicing to be dictator in chief.. Damn near made it too….

  • Col C

    I don’t think America is tired of war, I think they are tired of military runs without any clear vision of winning. I think that there are many warrior hearts that would gladly fight for what is right and good. It is so hard to know what is done for political reasons, and what is being done for the good of the United States and the world. I pray for our leaders and our military, that they would always do the right thing, including individual soldiers like the one that stood up for the boy that was being sexually abused on a foreign military base. This soldier did what right in spite of his orders not to interfere.

  • Jim

    I agree with Col. C below. We are tired of fighting with our hands tied behind our backs, or in reality, no ammo in our rifles, as men had to do in Iraq. It’s how we felt in Vietnam, knowing that American men were dying in the jungle while Johnson and the Congress decided how we could gracefully lose the war. If Trump wants to enforce his lines in the sand and will allow our military to do its job – bring it on.

  • v steve

    Big mistake, I think. We will see what comes of it, it’s not over yet.

  • drbhelthi

    The US CIA and Judaism´s MOSSAD using ISIS-ISIL mercenaries to sneak German-Israeli-produced poisonous gas into Syria and murder Syrian citizens cannot be blamed on president Assad of Syria. Nor is the continuation by president Trump of the practice established during the Obama administration fullfilment of his promises to the Americans that elected him.

    Nor does the repetition by president Trump of lies made by the alias, Barack H. Obama and accomplice, Hitlary Clinton, cause them to be accurate. It suggests that president Trump is displaying “stooge” behavior, supporting the CIA-MOSSAD plan to destroy Syria and president Assad.

    • thaidude

      And what is your source for this astounding piece intelligence….your brilliance is there for all to see.

      • James

        Excellent reply; I would be willing to bet that these WMA’s are in part, some of the WMA’s which Iraq smuggled out before our troops hit Iraq. I never doubted for one minute that Iraq had such weapons, they had already used them on the Kurds, so where did they go?
        Seems to me drbhelthi is an anti-Semitic with an perverted view of world affairs!

  • henri hoopkins

    President Trump, I like the sound of that, did what he said he would do. To protect our military that are in harms way.

  • Dwayne Washington

    I agree with Col.C also and Jim you are right.

  • mousekiller

    In today’s society it’is had to see the truth due to libtards ranting and raving of things they know nothing about. but to think congress can intelligently discuss war actions and then make a decision is far fetched . Congress today is like a large committee. We know that committees do not get the job done until too much time has passed and Trump knew that . His advisors are experts, knowledgeable and there are not enough former miltitary veterans in congress today. Congress is operating blind.