Watch Tucker Carlson Completely Destroy a Former Criminal Alien Who Claims Trump’s Wall is a Symbol of Hate (VIDEO)

The individual you’re about to watch speak is currently a VP at Goldman Sachs. She’s also currently an American citizen through her marriage to an American citizen.

But that wasn’t always her story. Is it harsh to reference her as a criminal alien in the title of this post? Not at all. Because facts are facts. And she openly admits that she fraudulently used a fake social security number, an act that is in fact a felony, while she was here illegally.

So yes, she was at one point a criminal alien in this country illegally. That cannot be disputed.

Now on to her bankrupt argument. She claims a border wall is a symbol of hate. She has zero evidence to back up this claim and cannot make a coherent argument to support her words.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of position that Tucker Carlson loves to dismantle. And he does exactly that.