You Can’t Make this Stuff Up: #CalExit Dead (For Now) as Leader of Movement Bails for Russia (Yes… Russia)


I thought liberals hated Russia…

The ‘CalExit‘ movement which threatened that the ‘Sanctuary State’ would secede from the United States following the election of President Donald J. Trump reportedly ended this week as the movement’s founder officially emigrated to Russia.

Following CalExit founder Louis Marinelli’s decision to leave the United States himself, Marcus Ruiz Evans, the official proponent of the 2018 California ballot initiative reportedly notified the secretary of state via email of his intentions to withdraw the proposed legislation.

Marking the death of the CalExit (for now), the fate of Commiefornia is left hanging in the balance.

Via Breitbart 

Marcus Ruiz Evans, the initiative’s official proponent, sent an email Monday to the secretary of state’s office asking to cancel his initiative. State election law allows a proposed ballot measure to be recalled for any reason, as long as it happens prior to 131 days before the election. But to do so, Evans must submit a signed letter — which has yet to be received.

Evans’ initiative would have asked voters next November to call a special election in March 2019, at which time they would be asked to vote on formal secession from the U.S. Whether voter approval could have actually turned California into an independent nation was a source of debate by constitutional experts, with some saying there was no currently operational method for a state to do so. The U.S. Constitution only lays out the steps for a state to join the union.

… California’s Democratic Party leaders have repeatedly urged their supporters not to consider secession as a viable political option.

Breitbart additionally notes that while Evans may plan to ‘resurrect‘ the bill at a later date, California is far too depend on federal funds for a CalExit to be taken seriously. “Governor Jerry Brown has asked for, and been granted, emergency relief funds four times in President Trump’s first several weeks in office alone.” Breitbart noted.

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