Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work(Out): EPA Employee Spends Nearly $15k In Taxpayer Funds on Gym Memberships

According to a receipt obtained via FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act), a Las Vegas Environmental Protection Agency contracting officer was found to have reportedly spent $14,799.63 of taxpayer dollars on 37 ’24-Hour Fitness’ gym memberships for EPA employees with a government credit card.

The employee identified as Kevin Broadnax, reportedly the used hard-earned tax dollars to purchase 37 separate one-year “super sport” level gym subscriptions (costing $399.99 a piece) for agency employees of the U.S. Environmental Science Division, which is home to the EPA’s National Exposure Research Laboratory and library located in the state of Nevada.

The FOIA request, which was filed by Americans for Tax Reform exposed the fact that despite the employees already having access to the ‘award-winning‘ University of Nevada,Las Vegas (UNLV) campus gym, Broadnax decided to needlessly spent additional tax dollars on members so employees could enjoy the luxury of a gym that brands itself on being “the ultimate daily retreat.”

As reported by Breitbart, the 24-Hour Fitness Las Vegas in question boasts “thousands of square feet of spectacular workout space, complete with premium gym equipment [and] unmatched amenities,” which include a sauna, steam room, towel service, jetted whirlpool Jacuzzi, volleyball and basketball courts to name a few.

How truly thoughtful…

Via Breitbart

“Those apologists who pretend that reducing waste and corruption in the EPA is an attack on Mother Earth stand exposed as the frauds they are,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, to the Daily Caller. “Ending corruption and self-enrichment is good for the environment and other living things.”

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced Thursday that the agency will no longer foot the bill for gym memberships after he was asked about the documents showing the nearly $15,000 worth of purchases on Fox & Friends.

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  • jaytowner

    I guess it’s not enough that federal employees get some of the best pay and benefit packages out there so they need to soak all of us “fat-cats” for more.

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  • Sandra

    National Exposure Research Laboratory and library located in the state of Nevada.