CENSORSHIP: Absolute Proof That YouTube’s ‘Adpocalypse’ Is Now Only Targeting Conservative YouTubers

I realize that YouTubers don’t need backstory on this so I apologize ahead of time for putting you through it. But for most of our readers a little context is needed up front.

Yes, as the title suggests, YouTube is definitely using the ‘ad boycott’ as a mechanism to shut down conservative YouTubers. There is zero doubt this is the case. And in this story I’m going to prove it.

First the background for the non-YouTuber crowd…

On March 24th The Wall Street Journal published a hit piece about Google’s YouTube displaying ads next to racist and objectionable videos. A wide range of YouTube’s largest advertisers suspended their ad buys with the findings, temporarily suspending almost all ads on YouTube.

This move had a crushing effect on independent media and content creators. Many YouTubers are able to create content on a regular basis because of revenue they split as part of their share of Google’s ad income on their content. No ads… no income for the content creators.

Of course, the advertisers have every right to pull their ads. No one is disputing that. I do question the absurdity of the boycott just in general terms. I mean, does anyone actually believe that a Walmart ad playing before a video that might have something offensive means Walmart endorses or supports the content of the video playing after it?

Come on now. That’s ridiculous.

Additionally, the boycott was a blanket boycott. Essentially asserting that ALL content is guilty until proven innocent. Obviously the truth is ‘racist’ or objectionable content on YouTube is in an extreme minority. Was it really necessary to boycott literally all content on YouTube over a few videos? Out of the millions of videos on YouTube?

Also, are we supposed to believe that Google, a company that scans, understands and logs millions upon millions of pages of content each and every day has no way of knowing if a YouTube video is using the ‘n’ word or being racist?

Surely there is a way for Google to know almost instantly if the content of a video is racist. This is the same Google that can immediately reject a video upon upload if it determines there is a copyright violation.

Think about it.

So the WSJ piece hit on March 24th. The ad boycott began and apparently has now ended. Well, ended for everyone outside of conservative YouTubers.

How convenient, right? Google can’t figure out what videos are racist but it can figure out which videos are conservative?

Imagine that.

Where’s the proof on this? Right in front of our faces.

Conservative YouTuber Lisa Haven posted a video showing how her channel is still removed from the ad rotations, but other videos now have ads. Haven’s video in and of itself shows how ads show on non-political content but not on her political content.

Watch her video and then scroll down because I’m going to take it a step further. I’m going to show you how YouTube is allowing ads on liberal political channels but not on conservative channels.

Again, Haven clearly shows how her channel is banned while non-political channels are wide open for ad revenue. But what about liberal political content?

Let’s take a look at some of the top leftist political YouTube channels.

The Jimmy Dore Show (Not Democrat but certainly progressive) – ADS ARE ENABLED AND SHOWING

Ironically, Jimmy Dore posted a video on April 6 complaining about the ad boycott, yet THAT video now has ads on it.

Yes, this screenshot shows a video ad playing before his video titled “YouTube Pulls Funding From Progressive News Shows.”


Yep… that’s an ad.


What’s that? Oh… it’s an ad.



But conservative YouTubers like Lisa Haven, Mark Dice, Steven Crowder, Rebel Media and virtually every other conservative YouTuber channel is ad free.

How has YouTube determined the lefty YouTubers have no racist or objectionable content yet the conservative channels do or might? What algorithm decided this?

Seems very suspicious to me. I hate to sound tinfoil about it, but if you wanted to slow the growing influence of conservatives on YouTube, what is happening as we speak would be a pretty good way of doing it. Shut down their revenue stream and you will naturally shut down their ability to create more content.

Keep funds flowing to liberals and just like that… liberals are able to make more content while being paid to do it.

YouTube is owned by Google and can do whatever it wants. But we can certainly point out what they’re blatantly doing to shut down opposing views. It’s indirect censorship and it’s a dirty, dangerous game to play in a supposedly open and free society.

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    Correlation is not causation. Suspicious, yes, but more evidence is needed