DEVELOPING: Former NSA Mike Flynn to Decline Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoena and Invoke 5th Amendment

Monday, Fox News confirmed that the Trump Administration’s embattled former national security adviser Michael Flynn is planning to decline a Senate Intelligence Committee subpoena to testify and invoke his Fifth Amendment right regarding an investigation into alleged Russian interference of the 2016 election.

As noted by The Hill, Flynn had previously offered to testify in front of both the Senate and House Intelligence committees under the condition of immunity, however neither committee agreed to his terms.

Explaining a possible motive for the move, Fox News additionally noted the following:

Legal experts have said Flynn was unlikely to turn over the personal documents without immunity because he would be waiving some of his constitutional protections by doing so. Flynn has previously sought immunity from “unfair prosecution” to cooperate with the committee.

Thoughts on this? Adding more fuel to the fire or smart move? Let us know in the comment section below.


  • Mark Whelan

    More unsubstantiated rumors with no confirmed sources. Whether it turns out to be true of not, the practice of publishing and promulgating unsubstantiated rumors is the definition of FAKE NEWS and does nothing but harm our country.