Illegal Immigrant Calls 911 Asking to be Deported, Gets Arrested for ‘Misusing’ Emergency Number

Well, this isn’t something you hear everyday…

An illegal immigrant in the state of Florida has been arrested and charged with the misdemeanor crime of misusing the emergency services number after he called ‘911‘ to request his own deportation.

As explained by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the individual identified as 29-year-old Cesar Sanchez called 911 to arrange his deportation so that he could return to his native country of Guatemala. According to the department, Sanchez explained to the emergency services dispatcher on the line that everything was fine and that “It’s not an emergency. All I want is to be deported.”

Subsequently, Sanchez was located by authorities following the call and charged with misusing the 911 service.

As reported by Click Orlando, “Sanchez remains in custody at the county jail and is set to be arraigned on May 31.” Additionally, it is noted that Sanchez may get the results he was looking for all along as his arrest report states that he “should be held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

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