Is Sean Hannity About to Declare Full Scale Media War With Left?

We’ve now written two different posts showing how big liberal companies, media properties and activist groups are successfully silencing conservatives on YouTube. In the case of YouTube, big advertisers used the excuse of a couple possibly offensive videos showing their ads as a reason to want their ads yanked from virtually any videos that could be considered controversial, offensive or politically incorrect.

Youtube’s new policy even states you basically can’t even discuss political news or current events without potentially getting dinged for a violation. Of course, as our post shows, YouTube is all too happy to show ads on liberal political content, just not the conservative stuff.

With the success of getting advertisers to shut down conservative voices on YouTube, the left now seems to have turned their weapons to cable news. They successfully took down Bill O’Reilly, easily the most powerful name in news, and now they’re targeting Sean Hannity.

Multiple reports suggest several large scale advertisers are pulling their ads from the Sean Hannity hour at Fox. And according to what Hannity is saying the rest of the advertisers still hanging on are being crushed by letters, faxes, emails and phone calls demanding they stop spending money on the Hannity hour.

Truth is these types of political boycotts are wildly successful. Not because those making the threats will actually not spend money with the companies they claim they will boycott, but because the companies don’t have the tolerance and patience to deal with the activist blowback. In other words, companies often easily cower to an angry and noisy political minority.

So why has the conservative movement not fought back? Well, in some ways it has. There was a massive boycott of Target and Kellogg brands in recent history. In both cases the companies didn’t really relent to conservative pressure (Target sort of did on the bathroom issue) but unlike liberal boycotts, when conservatives say they are going to boycott a company they really do.

ESPN, Kellogg and Target all took a tremendous financial hit due to conservatives spending dollars elsewhere.

See the difference? Liberal boycotts don’t necessarily hurt the company pocket books, but are more angry and tug executives where the winds blow. Conservative boycotts don’t often get executives to change course, but do significant damage to their financials.

And it’s starting to look like Hannity is going to fight back. Big time.

Here’s what he tweeted.

These companies should tread carefully here. They may be getting away with a lot of politically correct decisions for the time being, but if a day ever comes when the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and any number of others in that class begin fighting back there will be a LOT of explaining to do at those annual shareholder meetings.

And in our view… it’s long overdue.

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