Mic Drop: After Accusing Sheriff David Clarke of Stolen Valor, BLM Ringleader Shaun King Harsh Reality Check

After taking to social media to blast Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke for ‘dressing‘ like he was in the military, transracial Black Lives Matter spokeshole Shaun King has just received one of the most epic verbal smackdowns of all time…

The truth.

Once again proving way it is never a bright idea to bring a knife to a gunfight, Clarke responded to King’s allegation of stolen valor with a mere two sentences that cut to the paid provocateur’s core:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

H/T ClashDaily

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  • Miss Fortune

    Lol. Love Sheriff Clarke.

  • Robert

    What a jack hole you are Shaun, he’s a sheriff and guess what? He’s dressed like (drum roll please) a sheriff. A hole!

  • Seekers2

    As they say on TV, Priceless!

  • Jamel Boyd

    Fuck Sheriff Clarke.

    He should just bleach his skin, this way he can be white inside and out.


    • Sambo


    • Gentlemanandscholar

      From what you said you are a perfect representative of BLM thank you for proving the point

  • Jane Washington-White

    Sheriff Clarke is a racist, self-hating, SOB. Thank you Shaun King and the BLM movement for revealing him as the phony he actually is. Keep up the good work. Don’t let anyone turn you around or silence you.

    • Gentlemanandscholar

      What race?