There is No Better Proof that YouTube is Demonetizing All Political Content Than This (VIDEO)

Earlier this week we published proof that YouTube is selectively choosing which political channels can monetize content and which can’t. In our story it’s pretty clear that YouTube is allowing ads on liberal channels while blocking them on conservative channels.

This is important because it ensures conservative YouTubers cannot conduct their reporting as a business, and therefor cannot in many cases afford to publish content. This while liberal YouTubers are able to make money, thus being able to publish more content.

What we didn’t cover is what kind of policy language YouTube can use to justify the biased move to harm conservative content publishers. Turns out YouTube has a very vague line of rules that enables it to block ads on virtually any conservative news videos.

How, by claiming any video that discussing sensitive news topics violates its advertiser friendly policy.

The following video breaks this down and explains it as simply as it can possibly be explained. And the video will leave you with zero doubt that YouTube is indeed cracking down on conservative news.