This Sign Posted on a KFC’s Front Door is Enraging Black Lives Matter

The┬áBlack Lives Matter movement is an odd group to say the least. They seem to hate all law enforcement but don’t want to see law enforcement banished… or something. Or maybe they just don’t want laws enforced on certain race groups?

Boggles the mind.

Anyway the group is enraged and slamming KFC in social media circles over a sign one franchise manager decided to put up on the entrance door. What kind of sign could be put up that would have the BLM thugs all bent out of shape?

One in support of law enforcement, of course.

Here’s the offending sign.

The nerve! The audacity! How dare Kentucky Fried Chicken support individuals who… enforce laws.

The original picture was first shared on the Facebook group Ohio Going Blue and almost immediately provoked outrage from BLM across the web.

Just bizarre.