Army Vet Springs into Action to Save Service Dog, Drives Cross Country for Life-Saving Surgery

After receiving news that would be enough to bring any pet parent to their knees, Army veteran David Broido refused to allow his limited budget mark the end for his faithful PTSD service dog ‘Bones’ and instead raced across the country to provide his canine companion life-saving care.

Bones, whose full name is actually ‘Dr. Indiana Bones’ according to his GoFundMe page was given the heartbreaking diagnosis of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) during a routine check-up and would subsequently require the amputation of his rear leg to survive.

Unwilling to let Bones die simply because the price of surgery was outside of his budget, Broido sprung into action finding the a veterinarian across the country providing the life-saving care for far less than quoted in the state of California.

With the help of two friends that quickly started a fundraising page, Broido dropped everything and loaded his vehicle for a four-day road trip to Philadelphia.

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Army veteran David Broido, from California, is used to his Pit Bull service dog Bones caring for him and helping with his PTSD.

“He has been trained to do stuff like remind me to take medication at night time before I go to bed or occasionally wakes me up from less than pleasant dreams. He’s very good at that. Paws me in the face,” he told FOX 29.

“Pretty much every dog owner’s worst nightmare and bad reaction. I turned into a faucet of course and became a mess on the floor,” David said.

The former member of the 82nd Airborne Division says he’s not working currently and has limited finances so you can imagine his surprise when he says two friends put together a GoFundMe page raising money for the medical procedure outside of Philadelphia at a place with a more reasonable cost than what he was quoted out west. In fact, they made a cross country caravan out of it, hitting the mountains, the desert and riding across the midwest– fearing it could be their last trip together.

Speaking in regards to the trip, Broido told media that “In case the worst news was delivered when I got here, I wanted to make sure that we got some really cool adventures so we stopped some places.” 

“We saw some people. We had a great time,” Broido stated.

Image via GoFundMe

More via GoFundMe

David is a former U.S. Army combat veteran who is disabled and suffers from PTSD. He is now a special makeup effects artist living in Los Angeles, California. Dr Indiana Bones is not only his service dog but his best friend and partner, and it is hurting David that the doctor, his best friend, is in pain.

I am setting this campaign up to help him out, as David is in no financial position to pay for a major operation, and at this point, after biopsy results, the only possible way to save the doctor’s life is an amputation surgery of the entire rear left leg.

Upon finding this information out, to save costs from having it done in L.A., without hesitation, David packed his SUV, and spent the next four days driving Dr. Bones across the country to his hometown outside Philadelphia, where they are both awaiting surgery for Dr. Bones at a well known facility with one of the best board-certified veterinary orthopedic surgeons in the bunch that was able to offer trheir [sic] services at a mch [sic] more manageable rate.

Thanks to the kindhearted nature of animal lovers across web, Broido’s GoFundMe page has far exceeded the initial goal of $6,000, reaching over $6,800 by Wednesday.

According to Fox News, Bones underwent surgery Tuesday and is said to be recovering.


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