Congressman Pushes New Bill to Allow Representatives to Have 2nd Amendment Rights

It’s ironic that a nation with an amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms is governed by a body of Americans not allowed to keep and bear arms when traveling to and from work. This because Washington D.C. does not acknowledge the 2nd amendment. The carrying of firearms in the district is unconstitutionally prohibited and no one seems willing to do a damn thing about it.

Well, almost no one.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala. is stepping up to the plate to begin a push for 2nd amendment rights for Representatives in the district.

Via NY Post.

A Republican congressman who survived the horrific baseball shooting will offer legislation this week to allow lawmakers to carry guns throughout the nation’s capital.

“I’m going to be introducing legislation this week … to allow congressmen to carry a sidearm, should they so desire,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Members of Congress are “high-profile targets, but we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of Washington, DC’s rather restrictive gun laws.”

Good! But a frustrating part of this story is that the legislation is designed only to protect the 2nd amendment for elected representatives. It blatantly and openly doesn’t do anything for average Americans who also wish to utilize their 2nd amendment rights.

Brooks said the legislation would allow members of Congress to be armed in places throughout Washington where average citizens typically cannot carry guns.

Hmmm… good enough for the goose but not the gander?

In any event it’s good to see common sense still exists in some. Now the question is, where will Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell stand on the matter?