Cut the Crap… National Security isn’t a Religious Test, It’s a Test on Constitutional Beliefs

So we have another one.

This, being no big surprise, didn’t require guns or bombs.  Knives and cars were fine.

You can prattle on all you want about restricting weapons, but that’s idiotic.  One man with a gun would have made short work of Mr. Machete getting out of that van.  But, of course, in Britain there is no such thing as Constitutional Carry because there is no Constitution.

We had better pull our heads out of our asses folks because this crap is going to come here.  It is going to do so in dramatic and unmistakable fashion, and when (not if) it does you will get mowed down or stabbed unless you cut the crap on constitutional carry right here, right now, today.

You say you don’t want to impose a “religious” test on people?  A test, I remind you, that is not really about religion per-se — it is a test to determine whether you believe that the Constitution as written is law of the land, or whether you support making some magical book or the proclamations of a pedophile “prophet” the law of the land.

The latter position is incompatible with a free society.  The utter refusal to insist that those who wish to immigrate or visit western, civilized nations accede to the premise that you’re free to pray but not to demand others live by your magical beliefs is the reason these attacks keep happening.

Those who wish to live under 10th century belief systems and yes, this includes certain nations that have a lot of oil, must be excluded from trade, from commerce, from access to western technology, finance and we the people of the western world until and unless they cut that crap out and prove they have done so by resolving all of their own civil rights issues on a durable and verifiable basis.

They must be excluded because a not-insignificant percentage of them choose to abuse those who do not believe as they do, up to and including murdering those who disagree with them.  They can live by their own rules in their own lands but not imperil anyone else nor enjoy the fruits of civilized society until and unless they reform and become civilized themselves.

It’s not complicated but on this point there can be no compromise — if you “compromise” you’re going to get shot, blown up, run over by a van or stabbed.

You decide.

Life, and defense of life, or death — yours.

That’s all.

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