Dear California – Many Of Us Have Self-Banned Travel To YOUR State

Dear California,

I know there are a lot of good folks out your way. I’ve met many and yes, I have good friends in California. Why they remain in the unfriendly confines of your state borders is a mystery to me. I don’t, however, believe everyone out that way is rotten.

That said, you get what you vote for. And a vast majority of Californians have voted for madness.

Madness rules the halls of your state government. There is no fiscal sanity. There is no apparent desire to to adhere to the Republic’s Bill of Rights.

While many Californians for some reason believe being from the state is something to brag about, I think you underestimate what a laughing stock you’ve become for the rest of us. We look at people like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein and a slew of crazy state lawmakers and just scratch our heads.

The cancer of big government spreading across your state body has, sadly, spread to neighboring states. Nevada and Arizona being prime examples. And it threatens their once blatantly low-cost, freedom based governments.

The very people who voted for your corrupt, morally bankrupt “leaders” flee when these politicians destroy the state. They then go to states where the political damage hasn’t spilled out over the residents and begin voting the same way they did in California.

What kind of sick mindset is that?

Your courts make our country less safe. Your ballot decisions make our society more crazy. Your laws violate our rights. Your taxes hurt our wallets. Your politicians harm our constitution.

Your governor has slammed President Trump’s logical, necessary ban on travel from potentially dangerous countries. Yet your governor now has the audacity to ban state funded travel to other states for daring to suggest men shouldn’t use bathrooms built for women.


Well, this might be news to you, but many of us self-banned travel to your state. We don’t care how beautiful the sunsets are over your coasts. We don’t care how amazing the city of San Francisco looks at night. We don’t care how amazing your national and state parks are. We don’t care how amazing the skiing is in winter and the redwoods are in summer.

All things we might want to see and spend money seeing, but it’s just not worth it. Your taxes are overwhelming. Your laws are in our faces. We feel government interference the moment we cross your state lines.

We have a constitutional amendment guaranteeing our right to keep and bear arms. Yet when we cross into your state while keeping and bearing arms we face possible significant prison time simply for doing so. For having the nerve to utilize the right to defend ourselves.

Keep electing these looters if you want. That’s your decision. But know that as a result, many of us have banned our own travel to your state. And as part of that, we won’t spend a penny there.


-Eric Odom