Did You See CNN’s Outrageous Fake News Headline On Congressional Baseball Game Moment of Prayer?

Last night’s Congressional baseball game provided a rare few hours of bipartisan fun for our nation’s seemingly broken government. There was no fighting. No arguing, no name calling and no hate. It was just baseball. Republicans vs Democrats.

The night kicked off with a moving moment of prayer. A prayer specifically designed to show unity in a time of heartache following the shooting that happened just a day before. A moment where both sides of the political aisle joined together for a time of peace. Both sides took a knee, put their disagreements aside and prayed.

But if you only got your news from CNN’s headlines you wouldn’t know it was a bipartisan moment of prayer. You would think Republicans opted to skip the prayer all together.

You would think this because, according to CNN’s headline, it was just Democrats.

Yeah, the picture they included shows members of both teams. Both parties. And the entire point of the prayer was to show unity in the face of divisive turmoil. What, did CNN want us to believe Democrats crowded on the field to pray for their team to win or something?

Who else feels CNN would be completely content if Republicans simply didn’t exist?

Good grief.