Extremely Gifted 13 Year Old Covers “Go Rest High on That Mountain” And Instantly Becomes Viral Mega Star (VIDEO)

10,000,000 people. That’s more than watch any cable news program. Bill O’reilly, the former king of cable, would draw less than 5,000,000 on his biggest nights. And, of course, Fox News spent tens of millions annually on his show alone.

But 10,000,000 people watched a 13 year old girl named Callista Clark cover Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High On That Mountain.” The video (original Facebook post with 10,000,000 views here) was shot with a cell phone, had no production value and solely featured the beautiful voice.

And it worked far more than they could have every anticipated.

The video was posted on June 12th and the student already has nearly 250,000 following her page.

Once you see the cover video you’ll know why. Saying it’s amazing would be understating it.