‘Gender Neutral’ Beer? Yeah, It’s a Thing Now…

A Brooklyn brewing company is gearing up to launch their new ‘Gender Neutral‘ craft brew lager at this year’s NYC Pride March ‘Human Rights are Gender Neutral’ party in an effort to capitalize on the thirst of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The Brooklyn-based craft brewer, known as Threes Brewing is set to release the new flavor on June 22 at the NYC Pride celebration and explains the lager is part of the company’s effort to ‘to make a difference about issues we care deeply about.’


According to the Threes Brewing website, a portion of the proceeds from the pale lager with a lemon zest ‘will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign,‘ and pre-sale for the confused brew will begin on the June 14th.

As Heat Street has reported, one of Three Brewing’s other beer flavors “includes “Temporary Identity,” could potentially be interpreted as an homage to the gender-fluid.” Additional Threes Brewing beers include “I Hate Myself,” “Constant Disappointment,” and “Echo of Nothing” which all could potentially pay homage to the social justice warriors if you think about it.

Can we just skip to booze without the extra side of gimmicky social politics already?

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