Getting High on the 4th of July: Las Vegas Prepares for Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

As Nevada prepares for recreational marijuana sales to begin on July 1st, authorities and local dispensaries alike in Las Vegas are preparing for the massive influx of visitors and residents to light up in celebration of our Great Nation’s Independence Day.

With July 4th right around the corner, Nevada’s marijuana dispensaries have reportedly stockpiled a two-month supply of cannabis goods in preparation for recreational sales which start at 12:01 am Saturday.

Speaking on the matter, Nevada Dispensary Association president Andrew Jolley stated that all 37 of the Las Vegas Valley’s dispensaries are working in conjunction with local authorities to ensure public safety once sales go live in the area well-known for its nightlife.

“We are very vigilant and very concerned about public safety and our employees’ safety.” Jolley stated, adding that “Our goal as an industry is to bring it out of the black market into a safe, tested, regulated market in the most professional way we can.”

Sen. Tick Segerblom, [D-Las Vegas] further explained to media that he hopes the legalization of recreational sales will stop illegal marijuana dealing.

Via Las Vegas Review Journal

Recreational pot will be pricey, costing an estimated $80 for ⅛ ounce at some stores, up to $400 for an ounce of higher grade pot at others.

Though pot representatives say dispensaries are ready for the Saturday rush, there’s no way of predicting demand. If dispensaries run out, they’ll have to wait to restock until legal matters regarding who can distribute weed are sorted out.

For now, liquor distributors have the exclusive right to transport marijuana, according to a judge’s ruling. Because none of five distributors that applied are ready to go, the state plans to appeal the ruling.

Dispensary Association Executive Director Riana Durrett said she hopes for a resolution by the end of July.

Segerblom is optimistic about the future of the marijuana industry in Nevada.

“On behalf of Nevada, I want to tell the world: Watch out,” he said. “This is the new Amsterdam. This is the new Denver.”

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