IRONY ALERT OF THE WEEK: Trump Isn’t Under Investigation, But Bernie Sanders is

This week’s irony alert is about a man who millions flock to over his national public stance against greed, fraud and corruption. A man who, when giving a speech, destroys Wall Street, claiming those in power get where they got through manipulation and political pressure.

He’s also a man who is currently under full scale investigation by the FBI for potentially doing exactly what he says others are doing.

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The irony here is rich. Democrats have rallied to Bernie Sanders as the leader of the opposition against Donald Trump. He attracts huge crowds across the nation. One of his acolytes tried to assassinate members of Congress. And Bernie Sanders is under investigation by the FBI, unlike the president.

In fact, Sanders and his wife are both under investigation stemming from a bank loan. The FBI is investigating whether Sanders used his position to pressure the bank to give a college in Vermont a loan. His wife is the president of the college and signed the paperwork.

So President Trump did not pressure James Comey, but Bernie Sanders might have pressured a bank. The FBI is now investigating. And still the left will rally to Sanders because they really do not care about the allegations.

They just hate Donald Trump.

This is the same guy who slams Trump. Supported by the same Democrat party who incorrectly, falsely claims Trump is under investigation.

Ironic? Defnitely.