It was Worth a Shot… Minnesota Man Attempting to Use ‘Get of Jail Free Card’ Arrested on Outstanding Warrant

Authorities in the State of Minnesota are giving credit where it is due and thanking a man with an outstanding warrant for his clever sense of humor.

While the 35-year-old suspect was arrested on his fifth-degree controlled substance warrant out of Ramsey County, the Dakota County Sheriff’s to took Facebook to share the light-hearted exchange the suspect had with his arresting deputy.

Giving the man an ‘A for effort,’ the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office post the following on Facebook:

Via Fox9

It turns out those “Get out of jail free” cards from the Monopoly board game don’t work in real life.

The original Monopoly “Get out of jail free” card comes with the following conditions: “This card may be kept until needed or sold. When not having this card you must wait three turns (unless doubles are rolled on any of those turns) then, after the third roll, you get out of jail AND must pay a fine of $50.”

Honestly, it is just nice to see that everyone involved was able to share a good laugh and walk away safely, hopefully this clever individual receives the treatment he needs to prevent additional legal woes in the future.

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