‘Justice Rally’ in Response to Grenfell Tower Blaze Sparks Fears of Riots and Civil Unrest

Following deadly Grenfell Tower blaze in London which left an unknown number dead in what is believed to have been the result of the property’s management choosing to limit costs over the safety of their tenants, those demanding answers are now mobilizing, sparking fears of riots and mass civil unrest.

The blaze, which is believed to have been started by a faulty refrigerator that malfunctioned on the tower’s fourth floor quickly burned out of control leaving many to blame the property management for failing to address safety concerns of residents.

According to the Grenfell Action Group, they had repeatedly warned that the tower posed a safety risk to the public, however their pleas fell on deaf ears.

As we have previously reported, the Grenfell Action Group stated following the blaze that they had been fighting with the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization in an attempt to convince the management group to make desperately need safety renovations or condemn the building altogether.

They had previously brought to the KCTMO’s attention that there was only one exit to the large tower in case of emergency and in a blog entry posted in November of 2016, the group warned that ‘only a catastrophic event’ would validate the concerns residents. Sadly, it would appear the Grenfell Action Group was right.

In response to the seemingly avoidable tragedy, a ‘Justice Rally’ is now underway with hundreds in attendance.

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Politicians including Sadiq Khan have been heckled at the scene and locals even shouted “where are you going?” as the Queen and Prince William left the site today.

And hundreds of people are expected to attend a ‘justice’ rally in central London tonight.

Now, a local councillor has warned there could be “unrest in the streets” if council chiefs don’t step in.

Eartha Pond said that if local authority doesn’t act quickly, civil unrest could erupt.

Ms Pond, who works as an assistant vice principle in Brent and a councillor at nearby Queens Park Community Council, said: “If the council don’t step up to the plate there will be unrest in the streets; it’s that serious.

More than 1,800 people are said to be planning to attend a rally in Westminster tonight to demand ‘justice’ for Grenfell victims.

A Facebook event, ‘justice for Grenfell!’, has been listed as taking place at 6pm outside the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The posting said: “At least 150 people have died in the fire at Grenfell Tower. They deserve justice. We demand answers.

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