Man Planning to Use Dead Raccoon as ‘Crab Pot’ Bait Shot After ‘Vigilante’ Mistakes it for a Dog

Authorities in Washington are seeking the public’s assistance in locating an individual believed responsible for shooting a man they believed was dragging a dead dog down the road after a brief confrontation.

According to reports, locals familiar with the victim stated that he was a ‘free spirit’ that lives ‘off the land‘ and never bothers anyone.

“I am jealous of the life he lives, with not a care in the world and a smile on his face and love in his heart. He is truly a great person.” Stated local resident Jake Schley.

As explained by Mason County authorities, shortly before the victim was shot and run over, multiple 911 calls came in with witnesses stating there was a man dragging a dead animal down the road which looked like a small dog.

After authorities made contact with the individual, they discovered that the animal was in fact a dead raccoon the victim had found by a creek and that because he was ‘broke,’ he planned to use the animal’s remains as bait in his ‘crab pot.’

Responding officers reportedly offered to give the individual a ride home, however, since the deceased raccoon was producing a strong odor deputies stated he would have to leave the animal’s body behind. Not wanting to waste his free bait the victim politely declined the free ride home and authorities went on there way since the individual was breaking no laws.

Schley captured video of the man dragging the raccoon down the road during a friendly exchange before the shooting occurred.

Watch below:

Warning: NSFW – Strong Language 

However, things took a turn for the worst.

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…a confrontation over it quickly got out of hand and the victim was run over and shot in the leg.

“In my eyes, it’s a form of vigilante kind of justice, and it’s inappropriate and it’s dangerous to the public,” said MCSO Detective Chris Liles. “It’s a situation where the suspect kind of thought he could handle the law himself.”

Surveillance video captured the truck, which is a Ford extended cab built between 1992 and 1997 with a dark colored canopy. There was a white dog in the cab.

Jeff Rhoades, a Det. Sgt. with the sheriff’s office, said the suspect might have tried to alter the truck’s appearance after the incident.

A fundraiser has been launched on social media to assist the victim with his medical bills.

Authorities are offering a reward up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the shooting suspect. Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to call the Crime Stoppers hotline anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS or use the P3 Tips App via smartphone.

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