More Terror in Paris: Armed Attacker ‘Known’ to Security Forces Rams Police Van with Car Rigged Full of Explosives

According to reports, an individual ‘known’ to French security forces has been killed by authorities after ramming a vehicle rigged with explosives into a police van the iconic Champs-Elysees avenue area of Paris.

As reported by The Sun, the 33-year-old attackers was subject to an ‘S-File,’ meaning he was listed in security documents that pertain to individuals believed to pose a threat to France and may have been have been under surveillance.

The vehicle reportedly ‘exploded’ on impact, however, authorities were able to recover a rifle described as an AK-47 in addition to other weapons from the truck.

Interior Ministry Spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told media that the incident appears to have been a ‘deliberate act.’

French authorities quickly took to social media, advising the public to stay clear of the area.

Sky News has reported that suspect has been ‘downed’ thanks the bravery of French authorities.

Via TheSun 

The 33-year-old attacker, who has been pictured being searched for bombs by authorities, “was known to the police and thought to be radicalised,” said the investigating source.

An AK47 assault rifle was among the weapons found in the boot of the car, which was severely damaged in the impact.

A gas canister has also been pictured at the scene of the crash in one of the French capital busiest areas.

No one else is thought to have been injured in the horrifying attack which counter-terrorism are now investigating.

The bomb squad arrived at the scene and an explosives-detecting robot has been pictured inspecting the attacker’s dead body.

More via SkyNews

Gerard Collomb, the French Minister for the Interior, told reporters near the scene Monday that the [man] intended to attack the security forces.

Police sources told Agence France-Presse that a Kalashnikov rifle, handguns and gas bottles were found in the suspect’s white Renault Megane.

Mr Brandet described the bomb disposal operation as “under way to ensure the vehicle poses no further danger.”

The Interior Minister said he will be introducing a bill on Wednesday at a cabinet meeting to extend the state of emergency from 15 July, when it is set to expire, until 1 November.

Mr Collomb said that a new security law was “needed” because of the attacks, and that the legislation would “maintain a high security level” beyond the state of emergency.

We will continue to update as new details surface.