MSNBC Contributor Claims Hillary Lost Because Obama is Black (VIDEO)

MSNBC contributor Wendy Sherman turned a lot of heads Tuesday with a strange proclamation about the 2016 Presidential election. In a townhall style discussion Sherman talked about communication from our leaders and how society makes decisions on who we elect.

Her take on it all was very bizarre, and unfortunately, not based on any facts whatsoever. Her view of it all is clearly based on biased personal emotion. And in projecting such a view she spewed something that, quite frankly, we consider absolute nonsense.

During her time speaking Sherman claimed that Americans tend to take two steps backwards after making big historical changes. Electing Barack Hussein Obama as America’s first black President was indeed historical. Sherman seems to be indirectly suggesting here that Hillary Clinton should have been elected for reasons of making history alone. And because she was not America took two steps backwards.

“I believe in my bones…that it was pretty hard to elect a woman after you’ve elected the first African-American president,” Sherman declared. This implies that American voters chose not to elect Clinton based on her sex.

Sherman, a member of mainstream media who should be objective and present all the facts, failed to discuss the plethora of scandals surrounding Clinton. Nor did she mention the disastrous campaign ran by the Clinton camp.

No, in Sherman’s view it was all because Clinton is a woman. And the United States doesn’t like to make history twice in a row.

Or something…

Anyway here it is, folks. Your American media hard at work looking out for you.

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