On Kathy Griffin — And We As a Body Politic

Let me point out a few things for those of you who haven’t bothered to read the Constitution of late.

Kathy Griffin has every right to speak freely.  She can do so in as pleasant or disgusting a manner as she chooses.  The line is only crossed when a colorable and actionable threat is made.  I highly doubt her little photo shoot met that definition, although it certainly bears investigation to make sure it did not.  I would likely change my mind on that, by the way, if she owned a machete and had a plane ticket to DC….. but I digress.

However, neither Griffin or anyone else has the right to demand that others not form their own opinion of their willingness to associate with her or those who she works for and with as a consequence of her own actions — including but not limited to her free speech.

Kathy seems to think she’s a “victim” of “big bad bullies” who decided that she’s a 5-alarm ******* as a consequence of what she did.  Well, the choice to do what she did rested with her and others have every right to draw whatever conclusion they wish as to their willingness to associate with her or anyone she is affiliated with.

Our refusal to do that in the general sense is a big problem in this country.

As just one example of hundreds we sit still while doctors become drug pushers and talk otherwise-healthy people into taking prescription drugs (like statins, for example) that double the risk of developing Type II diabetes.  And no, it’s not a small percentage risk either — it takes the risk from about 6% to right around 12.5%, or one in eight, approximately.  Is this risk fairly disclosed to people and do they accept that risk voluntarily, while being told that there is no reduction in heart attack risk from taking said drug?  Nope.  And by the way if you do contract Type II diabetes you’ll be put on more drugs and not told by the very same doctor that getting the carbs out of your diet is likely to lead to a complete resolution of your high blood sugar.

Why do we not shun, boycott and spit on every one of those physicians?  They do far more harm than Kathy ever did.  She was disgusting while these people lead folks into serious medical trouble and profit from it.

As another related example how about the screamers in our Congress and across the State Houses on various issues such as medical monopolies?  Again, the law already exists so why do we tolerate State and Federal AGs, along with the cops of various stripes under their justice departments refusing to enforce said law?  It’s not like there aren’t two US Supreme Court decisions that say the law applies — there are!  Why can those individuals, from the cops in our towns to the state AG offices and prosecutors to the entirety of the Congress, from sitting members to their entire staff along with every employee of the DOJ come home and not find pickets waving signs on the street outside their house?

Or how about local school boards forcing girls to compete in track with boys on the girl’s team?  I’m sure that “helps” the team statistics (which of course means the school involved can brag — a lot.)  What do you say to the girls on the team that will never again win an event?  Where are their parents and why do they not picket the entire damned school board and athletic association member homes and offices?

There are literal dozens of examples I can and have cited through the years in this column yet back in 2007 and 2008 when I was raising hell about bailing out the fraudsters on Wall Street I, along with FedUpUSA managed to organize an actual protest in both NY and DC.

We had all of about two dozen people show up at each to wave signs.  Wave signs folks.  Not do violent or illegal things.  Protest.  Picket.  Or refuse to do business with.

But boy, Kathy is crying that she’s being shunned.

We need a hell of a lot more shunning in this country — not less.  Those leftists who think they can assault people with bike locks and not go to jail need to discover that not only will they be identified and shunned so will every member of the pig department that refuses to arrest that ****er on the spot for what is clearly documented on video plastered all over the Internet as a felonious assault.  And yes, those are pigs, not cops; a police officer does not stand by and watch a felony assault take place while doing exactly nothing about it.  A pig does and that’s what they should be called by everyone, along with the citizens leading whatever legal civic action is necessary to both de-fund the entire department and disband it.  OINK-OINK!

Those medical monopolists who think they can refuse to quote prices and have “drive by” $500 charges on a hospital bill for sticking a head in the door need to discover that the price of such outrageous conduct is that their homes and offices are picketed relentlessly along with the state AGs office and their home for refusal to enforce basic consumer protection laws.

In short what his nation needs is more of what Kathy Griffin has run into as a direct and proximate consequence of her own actions.

Much more.

Maybe then people like Kathy, along with the “physician” at your local clinic or hospital will think twice before doing something outrageous in the first place, whether it be screwing you in the hospital, prescribing a drug that doubles the risk of a serious disease without reducing your risk of a heart attack, hosing every girl on a high school track team who will never again win an event in a meet….. or parading around with a fake cut-off head and thinking it’s all good for grins and giggles.

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