Politics Become the New Sporting Event as DC Bars Gear Up to Throw Comey Hearing Watch Parties

In reality, politics is pretty similar to boxing if you think about it…

As the country sits on the edge of their seats waiting for former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee to begin Thursday, D.C. bars are gearing up to cash in on the opportunity by hosting ‘watch parties’ as if it were a pay-per-view sporting event.

Opening their doors as early as 9 am on June 8th while offering FBI and Trump themed items such as ‘Covfefe cocktails,’ local D.C. bars are pulling all stops to entice those wishing to watch the political battle unfold at the establishments.

As reported by WTOP, here is some of what the D.C. bar scene is offering patrons.

Shaw’s Tavern

Shaw’s Tavern is additionally offering a special “FBI” themed breakfast featuring French toast, bacon and ‘ice cream.’

The Partisan

The Partisan is opening at 10 am and boasting politically charged cocktail specials for the event, such as ‘The Last Word’ and ‘Drop the Bomb.’

Duffy’s Irish Pub

Duffy’s will have 15 flat screens airing what they have dubbed as ‘The Comey Show’ and offering free wifi so that you can pretend you’re working instead of drinking before noon. They will also be serving their new ‘Covfefe Cocktail.’

The Capitol Lounge

Thoughts on this clever marketing idea? Let us know in the comment section below.


  • calli

    Why is this such high theater? No crime has been alleged. The president can fire the FBI director at any time.

    The FBI does not do well conducting political investigations like the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the current Donald Trump Russian investigation.

    Sanity and a focus on things that matter has returned to the White House.

    REAL Americans took our country back. My healthcare is too expensive ($800/month for my family). Time to step away from socialism and let the capitalism work. My car insurance is just $25 per month (from Insurance Panda) and my internet is just $30/month from RNC. Let the free market handle health insurance!

    James Comey was fired, it seems, because he likes to be a political player.

    So why is James Comey again playing politics? I guess he didn’t get the message.

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