Should Detained Terrorists at Guantánamo Be Offered Gender-Transition Therapy? Wait Until You Hear What Gitmo’s Top Medical Officer Has to Say

Free gender-transition therapy for terrorists? Now that is in idea the left could really embrace…

Speaking on the quality of care Guantánamo Bay’s detainees receive, a newly posted senior medical officer was asked about his thoughts in regards to offering gender-transition therapy to detainees during an interview with Miami Herald and his answer will leave you shaking your head.

While the question was purely hypothetical in nature and there has yet to be a detain request gender-transition therapy as of date, the Navy doctor explained that he would consider offering the treatment if it were requested.

Explaining that ‘it is 2017,‘ the officer going by Cmdr. SMO 2 stated that ‘Anything that a detainee requests from a medical standpoint, we will consider.’

Come on man…

Via MiamiHerald

The doctor said that gender transition was not on the list of scenarios that Detention Center leadership was considering in its long-range healthcare needs for a population of 41 prisoners, who range in age from the mid-30s to almost 70.

But if it came up, “that’s something I would have to address with the patient individually, figure out what needs we would have to do to meet that.” Considerations would include “where behavioral health would fit in,” [Cmdr. SMO 2] said, referring to the prison’s mental health unit, “where the medications fit in and what kind of monitoring we’d have. But we’re not there yet.”

The Detention Center commander, Rear Adm. Edward Cashman, told reporters Sunday that he had no doubt U.S. military medicine could meet the challenge.

But Cashman added that any decision about whether to accommodate such a request “would reside with policymakers in Washington, D.C., about their willingness to finance and execute that.”

In another example of accommodation for the captives, Dr. SMO 2 said that the prison was continuing the practice this Ramadan of tube-feeding hunger strikers at night, in consideration of Islam’s prohibition against eating during daylight hours.

Thoughts on providing gender-transition therapy for Gitmo detainees should the request arise? Let us know in the comment section below.


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