Stupidity in Action: Oklahoma Man Facing Felony Charge after Making Bomb Threat Against Police… From Police Station Lobby

Just about as stupid as you can get…

An Oklahoma man identified as 22-year-old Michael Prince Myers is now facing a shiny-new felony charge after allegedly calling in a bomb threat to the Muskogee Police Department from a pay phone in the station’s lobby.

In this Guinness Book of World Records level fail, Myers reportedly called 911 around 3:30 am from the lobby stating that he had placed a bomb near outside the building and that he was a ‘terrorist.’

Via SmokingGun

Investigators quickly determined that the call was coming from inside the precinct house and collared Myers, who is seen above. Myers, a Muskogee resident, is being held in the county jail for making a telephone bomb threat.

Myers, court records show, was convicted in 2013 on two felony burglary charges (for which he received a suspended seven-year sentence).

View the criminal complaint below:

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