This HuffPo Writer Says Violence Against One GOP Congressman Isn’t Enough to be Effective

Work for conservative media and call for violence against Democrats… your career will quickly come to an end.

Work for leftist media and call for violence against Republicans… you’ll do well in your writing career.

Such is the case for HuffPo writer Jesse Benn.

Benn recently put out a tweet that has many rightfully quite shocked.

Oh really? You get that?

According to Benn a single Congressman shot by one radical leftist just won’t do. An act such as that will end up being counterproductive and ineffective.

The violent resistance has to be on a larger, more organized scale, of course. Only then can it truly be effective.

Or something.

We live in a sick and twisted world, folks.

Oh and by the way… this Benn guy isn’t backing away from the statement. In fact, he’s attacking anyone who calls him out on it and he even tags his employer (HuffPo) in his responses defending his advocacy of violence against Republicans.

  • kurmat

    maybe Verizon will cull out the morons at huffpo