Wait, WHAT? Hillary Clinton and Staffers STILL Have Their Security Clearance?

This is outrageous:

The State Department has opened a formal inquiry into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information while she was the nation’s top diplomat, Fox News has learned. Despite being under investigation, Clinton and her staffers still have security clearances to access sensitive government information.

How and why?

Let me point out something for you: Clearances are not given to people without cause and they do not survive when the need for them expires.

If you leave your post at a government contractor, for example, your clearance expires automatically in a very short period of time unless someone else picks you up for a job that requires the clearance.

If you’re a politician and lose your seat, any clearance you once held expires because your job expired.

So explain to me why Hillary and her “aides”, who no longer work for the State Department nor any other government agency in which she would require a clearance, still has one.

I’m waiting….

And by the way, Trump can blow me on his claim of being a “Rule of Law” guy in this regard as well because the rules on clearances are very clear and they exist for damn good reason.  That your last name is “Clinton” is not a reason for you to be exempt from them.

Via Market Ticker.

  • FoolMeOnce

    So nice to be above the law.

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    • Sandy Naylor

      Right, and she’ll be that way when she’s 90.

  • Sandy Naylor

    This is just surreal.